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Catchy Interior Elements

All things beautiful. This little cottage has already made some serious leaps and bounds with these beautiful interior trinkets. We say, what makes a home cozy and inviting are the unique items placed in random places throughout.

What do you think?

Our goal is to not be a traditional house or to be compared to other rentals in the area, yet-to stand out and be bold in a neutral-environment. But, who's to say, color-pop is not allowed with neutrals?

Obviously, we don't!

After-all, color makes most people, happy! "It helps set the mood for the day. Too much of a stark environment can cause one to become tired- mentally & physically, as it creates too much of a strain to the eyes, which can also cause a headache"- Coach McCormick, Owner of Gravitational Performance; Sports Psy. Consultant.

Seriously, cute right?

Wall art doesn't always need to come in the form of actual paintings does it?

Okay, so you're asking yourself, "how the heck are they hanging these on the wall?"

We use shelves-

Fear not, we will not drill these into the wall! That is, unless someone has sticky fingers and attempts to take them- But we have faith that everyone is good!

Big Smile on Our Face!

This yellow-marble zebra adds the perfect touch underneath this beautiful succulent- and the rustic, gold edged metal pot is the exemplary combo to this table-top display!

And this painted heart in a rustic wood bowl....Need we say more?

Stay updated for more fun collectibles for the cottage~ Until then, make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter (at the bottom of each page, and have a wonderful weekend!

-Cactus Jax Cottage

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