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About Jacqulyn 

Jacqulyn Stanton: Real estate agent, homeowner, music inspired, & desert lover


ABOUT: Residing in the desert for several years, Jacqulyn has adapted her former life as a small town chick from Indiana, to her current California-desert environments. Her love for cactus, music, the desert heat, and the endless desert skyline has made the high & low desert-home.

Outside of her busy work life, Jacqulyn has found a great passion for design- which has allowed her to combine the varying desert elements and bring them indoors. "There is nothing more rewarding than working a long-hard day, and coming home to a beautiful, peaceful, and cozy environment."  Because Jacqulyn's busy work life has her focused around the clock, it is extremely important for her to come home, unwind, and appreciate her lovely desert home. Her daily mental & physical focus comes from living in such a beautiful home that her & her friend Cheryl McCormick (Desert Vintage Artwork) designed, together. "Designing her home has been such a fun project, and it is an honor to know that Jacqulyn is able to go home, kick her heels off, unwind, and relax in comfort. She is one of the most hard-working individuals that I've ever known, and deserves a home as beautiful as she is."-Cheryl McCormick

Working in relestate, Jacqulyn identify's what makes a home for others, and is excited to finally be able to create "a home-away-from-home" for YOU to stay in and enjoy! 

As each season changes, so will Cactus Jax Cottage- rewarding each of your visit's to feel connected to each season the desert brings (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) along with seasonal holidays. 

The desert offers a wide variety of day time activities and an array of relaxing evening outdoor events-which is a great opportunity to star gaze while relaxing at a fun outdoor concert with friends and loved ones. For a list of places and events to attend in the high desert, please click here

We look forward to serving you and making your stay at the Cactus Jax Cottage a pleasant and comfortable environment- 

A Home Away From Home

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